Buy them While you Can - Las Vegas Mid & South Strip Condos For Sale

The Raiders are Coming!  Ever since the announcement of the new Raiders Stadium, center strip high rise condos, South Strip High & Mid Rise Condos have been selling and inventory has been shrinking. Many investors want to list their condos for rent on AIR BNB or VRBO.COM.

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That said, the residential high rise condo towers have restrictions that prohibit nightly rentals, while hotel condos, such as the most popular Signature at MGM Grand & Palms Place do allow nightly rentals.  

Because Las Vegas hotel condos do permit short term and nightly rentals that can be managed by the owner, placed the on site rental program, or via a 3rd party rental program, at this point in time, these are #1 in interest level for investors and second home buyers who want the capability of using their condo when they come into town and having it rented out when not in use.

There are no new high rise or mid rise condo projects being built on and near the Strip at this time.  Nor any new ones planned.

Center Strip Las Vegas Hotel-Condos that can be Rented Nightly

Center & South Strip Residential Condos

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